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We revolutionize the way you experience skincare. Our beauty bar and facial spa are not just about treatments; they are about creating a skincare regime that is as unique as you are. Here, you don’t just receive a facial; you co-create your path to radiant skin.

Our Vision:
Your skin is unique, and so should be your skincare. We believe in a personalized approach where each client has the power to craft their own serums tailored to their specific skin needs. Our innovative platform combines expert knowledge with your personal skincare goals to create bespoke serums that deliver results.

Custom Serum Bar:
Welcome to the heart of the Beauty Bar by Botanic Skin - our Customize Bar. Here's how it works:

  1. Skin Analysis: Our skincare experts perform a detailed analysis of your skin using advanced diagnostics to understand its unique needs.
  2. Ingredient Selection: Based on the analysis, choose from a wide array of high-quality, potent ingredients, each targeting specific skin concerns.
  3. Custom Crafting: We blend your chosen ingredients right in front of you, creating a serum that’s uniquely yours.
  4. Guided Application: Our experts guide you on how to incorporate your custom serum into your skincare routine for maximum effectiveness.

Facial Spa Services:
Our facial treatments are designed to complement your custom serum. From deep cleansing to hydration, anti-aging to brightening, each facial is tailored to enhance the efficacy of your personalized serum. Our spa menu includes:

  • Botanic Hydrating Facial: Customized to infuse your skin with intense moisture, perfectly complementing your serum.
  • Personalized Anti-Aging Ritual: A facial treatment that works in synergy with your anti-aging serum for a youthful, radiant look.
  • Tailored Skin Brightening Experience: Enhance the luminosity of your skin with this facial that pairs perfectly with your brightening serum.
Botanic Custom Consultation

Botanic Custom Consultation

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