Our Team & Story

Meet Our Team

Your House of Haute team is here to serve you. Meet Alyia, Alaetra, Toni, Ashlyn, and Abhi! We are your core team members and more than likely the ones behind all of your interactions, whether in store or online.

Our Roles

  • Alyia - Rental Dept Coordinator
  • Alaetra - Social Media Coordinator
  • Toni - Founder & Owner aka The Chief Hautie
  • Ashlyn - Director of Operations
  • Abhi - Director of Marketing

Our Story

I'm Toni Duclottni, [your new sis] and the founder House of Haute, Inc. Just to give you a little back story, House of Haute didn't start out as a retail fashion house, it actually launched as a YouTube channel back in late 2009 (I know -- that's weird). There were so many stops before getting to this point, including sound engineering, graphic design, news corresponding, and about 10 other things. However, it was my love for sisterhood and fashion that drove me here.

Early on with YouTube, I became a partner and eventually an influencer which afforded me the opportunity to work with well known fashion and beauty brands and opened door for me to create digital products for many of them. In doing so, (this is where some of you come in), I would spend hours each week responding to emails from the "day ones" of my YouTube community regarding questions about where to shop for certain affordable pieces.

As you probably figured, that's when I decided that I could do more than point my "sisters" in the right direction, I could actually provide those key pieces they were looking for. I spent about a year teaching myself how to source, buy, and predict trends. I launched House of Haute, the Store in late 2014 and honestly, it didn't go as well as I'd hoped for the first year and a half. I didn't realize that trial and error was apart of the process. Season after season, I got better and learned to do more.

The first 3 years were 100% online. Year 4 I ventured off into popups (those also came with a learning curve of it's own). While I never envisioned a traditional retail space, I knew that I would love to have space where people could not just shop, but have an entire experience. I didn't know what that looked like initially, but it came clearly into focus in January of 2020 as I worked on my vision board for the year -- and no, Corona was not on there. That's when I made up my mind that we needed not only a much larger warehouse space, but we needed a shoppable permanent home. A place that felt like a girls club that welcomes everyone who chooses to enter.

I'm honored and humbled to know that just 10 months later (during a pandemic), God brought a dream to reality when I opened our 1st brick and mortar location in Addison, TX. It was truly all a Dream.