Mask Behavior

Mask Behavior is our exclusive brand of luxury face masks. All of our masks are handcrafted and designed in the US. We use fabrics and materials that will provide some of the highest protection possible against viruses and airborne bacterias. All of our masks are multi-layered and include barriers such as:

Modal - an antibacterial fabric

Silk Woven Woolens - silk is known to create 

electrostatic barrier because of the static charge it creates

Polyester Spandex Cotton - have the ability to filter out well over 80% and up to 99% of aerosol particles

Flannel - tightly woven fabric that has a similar ability to block aerosol particles


Our mask have a contoured design for the shape of the face for ultimate comfort and protection without having to use a hard metal clamp over the nose. Wearing a cloth mask not only provides protection to others around you, but they also can significantly reduce your own exposure to viruses and other airborne diseases if worn properly.

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