Welcome to the Summer Renaissance

Welcome to the Summer Renaissance
Popular opinion: The Renaissance World Tour is 2023's event of the year! Whether you have your tickets already or not, the girls have been asking, waiting and wondering... "What am I going to wear!?" We got you. If you want to impress Bey and Blue all the way from your seat, keep reading for seven looks to wear to the concert of a lifetime.


Featured: Desi Sheer Top styled with Azalea Want Pant Boots. Accessorized with Lyla Lion Face Belt 2.0 (Black) and Double Circle Drop Earrings (Green.)

Nothing says ENERGY like bold colors and enticing prints. The Desi Sheer Top can be worn over a spaghetti strap jumpsuit or a camisole and jeans. Want to add contrast? Layer this top over an all black outfit, as pictured.


Featured: Kiana Sparkle Sleeve Crop Top styled with Azalea Wang Pant Boots. Accessorized with Zazi Lion Face Earrings (Silver.)

This look is modest, but mighty—and real Haute Girls never have to do too much to turn heads. Be Renaissance ready with sparkle sleeves and pair them with comfortable pants that show off your curves, too.


Featured: Sophia Jewel Bustier (L); Chloe Beaded Bustier (R) styled with Chloe Bandage Biker Short Suit. Accessorized with Yochi Chain Necklace.

This top isn't adorned with pearls, but you can certainly feed the girls diamonds! (Or rhinestones. Save your coins because no one will know the difference!) When things get HEATED in the crowd, a sleeveless bustier like Sophia or Chloe will keep you snatched, cool and cute.


Featured: Kendra Harem Pants styled with Vicky Thong Bodysuit and Chloe Bandage Biker Short Suit (Jacket only.) Accessorized with Yochi Chain Necklace.

Harem Pants are just as underrated as the song that we've paired them with. Since they can be dressed up or down, you can create look after look even when the concert is over. Pair them with your favorite sneakers to CUFF IT all night!


Featured: Deveraux Luxe Tulle Skirt styled with Kiana Sparkle Sleeve Crop Top and Azalea Wang Pant Boots. Accessorized with Zazi Lion Face Earrings (Silver.)

A lush, tulle skirt is 100% That Girl Energy. All eyes will be peeled as you chassé through Club Renaissance. And did you notice that we used the same pieces from Look 2 (CHURCH GIRL)? Use this as an opportunity to do an outfit change mid-show!


Featured: Megan Two Piece Pant Set accessorized with Double Circle Drop Earrings (Blue) and Yochi Chain Necklace.

Fan me off; I'm hot, Hot, HAUTE! Megan, our graphic-printed body heat map Pant Set, serves body and is undoubtedly unique. Of course, the Renaissance aesthetic reads metallic, cowgirl chic. But if you're the type who dares to stand out, this one's for you. Another tip? You can conjure up hundreds of outfit ideas that use just the top or just the pants from this set. Infinite wins!


Featured: Janelle Cargo Skirt styled with Kiana Sparkle Sleeve Crop Top. Accessorized with Yochi Chain Necklace and Matte Bamboo Earrings.

Finding an outfit for the concert is enough on your plate. Stadium policies are strict and you shouldn't have to worry about which bag you'll carry, too. Just be COZY and throw everything in your Janelle Cargo Skirt pockets, Sis! (Besides, you only planned to bring your phone, lipgloss and wallet anyway.)

Want to see these looks in motion before making the final decision on your Renaissance Tour outfit? Click here for more inspo or shop all Summer Renaissance styles online.