Tips and Sips Recap: 4 Pattern Mixing Tips

Tips and Sips Recap: 4 Pattern Mixing Tips

On Saturday, September 24th, we had the pleasure of hosting the second event of our Tips and Sips style class! This quarterly occasion is an opportunity for clients to join us in store for drinks, girl time and fashion talk. Our very own Toni Duclottni and in-house stylist, Ashlyn Johnson present a different topic each time to teach clients how to maximize their wardrobe.

For the Hauties who couldn't attend this time, don't worry! We'll be extending the discussion on color blocking and the art of mixing patterns to the next event. In the meantime, keep reading for a quick recap of tips to ease your way into print mixing.


Tip #1: Wear large format prints with small format prints.

Pictured (L to R): Apelonia Bishop Sleeve Blouse; Aimee Sleeveless Houndstooth Vest


When you mix patterns, stay mindful that the sizes of each pattern should vary. This technique makes the trend most visually appealing. As shown above, the striped pattern on the left is fairly large in scale. The stripes are more spaced out across the area of the blouse. On the contrary, the houndstooth-esque, checkered pattern on the right can be classified as medium or small. The squares are bunched together and "busier." When paired together, these patterns look aesthetically pleasing.


Tip #2: Ribbed knits count as a pattern.

Pictured: Amira Oversized Knit Dress; past season Lyla Lion Face Belt


Fall is upon us! So that means keeping more thick, chunky knits in rotation. If you weren't aware, ribbed knit fabrics are considered a pattern. The "ribbed" design features raised bands or ridges that look like stripes. Floral patterns, animal print and polka dots are a few of many patterns that effortlessly compliment stripes.


Tip #3: Texture mixing falls under the pattern mixing umbrella.


Texture mixing is adjacent to pattern mixing, and can be compared to using mixed mediums ("mediums" being various fabrics). To put the trend into perspective, think of silk or satin in contrast with patent leather. They are fabrics that land on separate ends of the texture spectrum. Silk/satin is soft and flowy with a subtle sheen, while patent leather is structured, with a plastic-like feel and glossy finish. When put together, you may be surprised that they mesh very well.


Tip #4: Avoid wearing a dark shoe, go lighter.

Pictured: Nikita Abstract Mesh Bodysuit


When pattern mixing, it's a good practice to go light with your shoe choice. Imagine you're wearing a multicolored, patterned top with a complimentary print on your pants. If you opt for a solid black shoe, this could possibly break up the flow of your prints because it's dark and will stand out significantly. Instead, choose a flesh-toned pattern (like the animal print shown above), solid nude or a bright solid color that blends well with the existing patterns in your look.


Did you enjoy these tips? Try them out and tag us in your looks online @houseofhaute. Until next time, Hauties, stay tuned for details on the 3rd event of our Tips and Sips series in the coming months. See you soon!