The Power of The Little Black Dress

The Power of The Little Black Dress

Whether you're stepping out for date night, a business meeting or an NYE event, you just can't go wrong with this classic trend:

The Little Black Dress

(also known as an LBD)

Introduced to the fashion world by the infamous Coco Chanel, little black dresses began as a way for everyday women to embody the air of millionaires. The concept was boasting, yet affordable and modern. Years later, the LBD has grown into an art form - a canvas or simple design that can easily be elevated, if you will.


Chanel reclaimed a color originally saved for mourning and made it chic. Black now represents a form of confidence. It's clean-cut, effortless and striking. Not to mention, the hue is slimming and flattering to every shape and size.

When thinking about this trend's generosity to body measurements, you might wonder "Why is 'little' the first word used in this popular phrase?"

Simply put, because of its discreet and minimal design. Formerly, it was fashion's best kept secret.


The "power" in this trend starts with a good selection of fabric. Historically, LBDs were made in wool or chenille for the day, and satin, crepe or velvet for the evening. Today, you can opt for edgier choices like geometric pattern and sheer underlay duos or patent leather, for example.

However, the reign doesn't stop at solid black. Unique prints can take your LBD to the next level, too.  Picture this: a two-tone dress that allows simplicity and an electric quality at the same time.

The little black dress is beautiful, timeless, and sexy, and we've come a long way since its 1926 debut. Be daring and try modern day variations of this trend for everyday looks, nights on the town and intimate social gatherings.

"One can never be overdressed or under dressed in a little black dress." - Karl Lagerfeld