Things to Know About Vegan Fashion

Things to Know About Vegan Fashion
We all want to make positive fashion decisions, and we can begin with ethical clothing. The concept of sustainable style may not solve all environmental problems, but it's a step in the right direction.
During the early 2010s, the appreciation for vegan options became mainstream. But veganism isn't exclusive to what you eat! It has also influenced the way we approach fashion. In the industry, the trend may as well be considered the new "green."


Most of us can assume that vegan fashion is related to the consumption or use of animal products or by-products. By definition, the growing fashion trend means there are no animal derived materials. Faux fabrics like wool, fur or leather are used in light of maintaining quality while being conscious of our environment's wellbeing.

But why is the use of animals in fashion problematic?
Fast fashion has taken the industry by storm and this means a high volume of clothing being produced every year. Certain species would become overexploited if their skin and fur were used for everchanging fads and trends.

Animal farming is also a leading cause of negative environmental changes that we see today - including the climate crisis.


According to PETA, making clothing with animal fur is 10 times more damaging to our environment than creating a garment from faux fur. Here are 3 more reasons why vegan fashion is ideal:

    • Sustainability. You can expect for vegan clothing to be produced in ways that avoid using resources that can't be replaced. (Meaning limited environmental damage!)
    • Health friendly. Organic cotton, bamboo and seaweed are just a few natural materials that can be found in vegan clothing. The upside? Breathable & comfortable styles during summer and winter.
    • Save money. The "real thing" may be pleasing to the eye, but hard on the pockets. Being that ethically sourced fabrics aren't made from animals, the final product tends to cost less.

Disclaimer: House of Haute offers styles that include faux versions of leather, wool and fur. This is an informational post, but we encourage everyone to do additional research on vegan fashion to determine whether or not it's suitable for you.

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