Fall Fragrances: The Insider's Guide to Aromatherapy

Fall Fragrances: The Insider's Guide to Aromatherapy

As the seasons change, so do our clothes, daily routines, and possibly even our mood. Fall and winter provide less natural light throughout the day, which can have lasting effects on mental health. Did you know, however, that you can combat gloominess with uplifting scents? Our newest fragrances do more than set the tone in your home life, they are carefully formulated to encourage positive energy through aromatherapy.


This signature fragrance is the star of our latest Silk Collection. Opposite to our home fragrances, Lavender Petals is incorporated into a series of skin & body care items. Each item incorporates notes of lavender, rose petals and oak moss that are especially soothing at the end of a long day.

Lavender is most popular in its healing properties. The essential oil relieves stress & promotes sleep, which is key to lifting your spirits. Rose petals offer a therapeutic floral twist, while oak moss rounds out the trio with an undertone reminiscent of nature. Close your eyes, image yourself in the midst of a rainforest & soak in the "feel good" energy radiating from this line of products.


True to its moniker, Opulent Mornings is sure to start your day off right. Flower blossoms & fresh linen come together to create a luxurious self-care staple. "Fresh" scents relate to water, greenery and everything zen. In stressful environments, flower blossoms have the power to assist with relaxation.


Fragrances can be compared to the way you dress. For instance, casual & work appropriate by day and sexy by nightfall. Lavish Nights embodies the feel of an alluring night on the town. The scent contains a lush combination of bergamot, patchouli, vanilla & a unique touch of pineapple.

Citrusy bergamot & earthy patchouli work together to soothe restless nerves, and reduce mental & physical tension. Vanilla remains a popular "sweet" fragrance with relaxing properties, as well.

Bonus: Each Lavish Nights ingredient is especially beneficial when applied to skin & hair. The scent is also available in a luxurious beard & body wash.