The Home Collection: Indulging Aromas

The Home Collection: Indulging Aromas

You walk in to a room and see shimmering lights glowing from an elegant chandelier, soothing sounds playing in the background but a lingering scent grabs your attention. Aromas and scents play a powerful role in completing a mood, an aesthetic, or an experience. At House of Haute, offer The Home Collection that you can indulge in and make your home and space feel regal and elegant.

Fresh Linen

This is a staple for those of us who are very particular about our home and private spaces. We recommend this fragrance to the neat freaks and the obsessive compulsives who love a spotless home filled with a refreshing and inviting fragrance.

Egyptian Amber

We are all about empowering the queens in our hearts. The Egyptian Amber diffuses an air of royalty. This fragrance is for the fiery self-care queens who indulge in embracing their mind, body, and soul.  

Ocean Mist

This scent is for the beach lovers, for those who love the sounds of waves, for those who dip their feet in the lapping waters of the endless sea. Like a wave, this scent brings a room alive and will refresh your mood.

Lavender Sage

You don't want drama. You don't want negativity. Your space is divine and sacred. This fragrance is for the anti-drama babes. The Lavender Sage will spread through your space and you'll feel the negativity warding off. This scent is a must have for those heavy on alignment.  

White Birch

It's almost the end of summer and I still have so much Christmas shopping to do! If you like the holiday season as intensely as I do - cozy nights in great food and the company of loved ones - then the White Birch scent will be your new favorite for your home. This fragrance radiates holiday vibes and the way it lingers will make you feel merry with holiday spirits even in July.