Our 5 Favorite Summer Cocktails

Our 5 Favorite Summer Cocktails

Hello, Haute girls and guys! The team has been working on and contributing to The Haute Life blog with their suggestions and styling tips with some of the amazing pieces on sale on our website and in store. However, I wanted to share with you one of the exciting elements of our in-store shopping experience. 

 Click below to view a walkthrough of our shopping experience!

At the beginning of the summer we all tried to make up for being stuck indoors last year. As businesses started opening up and we began shopping in stores again, our House of Haute team wanted to curate a unique experience for our clients. Shopping for clothes should be a fun activity and we decided to give our in-store shoppers an experience that would elevate that notion of fun & excitement. We wanted to make your summer shopping experience at House of Haute an anticipated event in a relaxed environment with a boozy twist! 

These are our team's favorite cocktails that we offer clients at our House of Haute store in Addison, TX.


Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Mint, Garnished with Sugar Cane & Mint Leaves  

Strawberry Paradise

Vodka, Strawberry Soda, Pineapple Coconut Nectar, Garnished with Frozen Strawberries  

Mint Julep

Uncle Nearest Whiskey (or your favorite Bourbon), Powdered Sugar, Splash of water, Muddled Mint, Garnished with Mint Leaves  

The Classic

Vodka, Soda, Garnished with Lime  

Sangria Punch

White Wine, Brandy, Sparkling Cider, Peach Nectar, Mango Nectar, Apple Juice, and Fresh Lemon Juice 

We also offer our clients non-alcoholic beverages like pop, coconut water, fruit juices, and rose lemonade. Our clients love this list of cocktails we serve during their shopping experience. When you visit our store in Addison, we'll have your favorite selection from the list for your pleasure while you enjoy a personalized shopping experience. 

Did you know that our in-store shoppers enjoy personal styling by a professional, a photoshoot, and fantastic company?! When you pick out clothes to try on we'll make a cocktail for you which matches your outfit and makes for a fabulous photoshoot experience!

Live life effortlessly, Look amazing while doing so, and as always Please Drink Responsibly.