Meet Fashion Entrepreneur Adeline Jenkins (aka Addy Ooh)

Meet Fashion Entrepreneur Adeline Jenkins (aka Addy Ooh)

Share some of your backstory with the House of Haute tribe. Who is Adeline/Addy?

Style and fashion have been a big part of my life since early middle school. You see, my disability (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, where I was diagnosed at the age of 4) never allowed me to participate in sports or other academics due to unpredictable fatigue, pain, and inflammation, and it was extreme at times. Fashion was a fun, lively outlet that did not cause me any physical discomfort, and that was extremely exciting for me. I was always quiet (but very observant) as a child, and fashion was a way to express myself without interacting with anyone (jackpot!). Of course, we're all inspired by others, but I've never been one to follow any style rules; I typically go with my mood and never look back. In my new chapter in life, I want to formulate styles for everyone standing, sitting, rolling, and everything in between. I aim to offer gender-fluid inclusive innovative twists for abilities and disabilities alike.


That's such a unique introduction to fashion. Did you always want to be an image consultant/wardrobe stylist? What lead you to this position?

I did not, I did not think I could ever make any money in this field. I finally reached a point in my life where I could no longer ignore statements from others about my styling and interesting mixes. I decided I was meant to take this journey and thus far have been excited by the results.



Awesome! You've done an amazing job thus far. Let's get into some more exciting things. Take us through a day in the life of Adeline.

Lots of research. Watching trends, fashion week and keeping with social media. Then every day is a little different, it is situational. It could be meeting with a client to discuss a wardrobe revamp, shopping for a client because they are too busy or another client because they loathe shopping. It’s been a mix. I do virtual shopping as well for clients out of state. I have a method I use so that clients can visually see what they may look like in the clothes I pull. And now that businesses are opening back up (fingers crossed) a few themed events, as well.


We love hearing about what you offer. So many options! Have you faced any challenges in your field? If so, what were they & what advice would you give to aspiring image consultants/stylists?

Most of my challenges are individuals that see my aesthetic yet ask me to help them pick a dress for a conservative wedding (uh, have you seen me?), or have unrealistic expectations or provide me with unattainable deadlines (it's Thursday and they need an entire outfit by Saturday). My advice is to be clear during your consultation, make sure to follow up in writing to avoid any misunderstandings. Lastly, do not say yes to everything especially if you do not feel it’s a good fit and always provide them with your rate after the consultation. Social media types will expect a lot for free or trade. You must know your worth and be willing to set boundaries.


Absolutely. Thank you for those tips! Let's discuss the #disabledstylist hashtag in your Instagram bio. In addition to your backstory, what else can you tell us about what it means for you to represent the disabled community?

My desire is to help people that have a disability (the invisible disabilities too) gain more confidence, try a little color, and learn how to dress easier. No more white velcro sneakers (even though aesthetically, I've always thought they were cool looking!). Stephanie Thomas said it best “Disability is the overlooked D in diversity,” and I want to be part of that change.




We're so excited to witness you contribute to necessary change in the fashion industry. Did you have to pivot your business during the pandemic? What are some lessons you learned & things you do differently?

I started literally right before the pandemic therefore, patience was key, and I had to be strategic with taking everything virtually until we could safely resume our normal interactions. One area I would do differently is interact with more individuals through social media to gain tighter connections while we all wait to get back to in-person meetings/gatherings.


The crisis has taught us all a lot. Thank you for expressing some things you learned. Let's have some fashion talk. You seem to enjoy maximalist style - lots of bold colors and prints. What does a signature "Addy Ooh" outfit look like?

Yes, more is more. Bold electric pinks, mixed with green, leopard print, a unique hat, oversized eyewear and a large chunky necklace or earring.


Bold fashion is haute and you wear it so well! Are there any fashion trends that you foresee being popular in 2022? Colors, fabrics, silhouettes?

a. Tiny hats but wear them at an angle.

b. Slouchy trousers – thrift the men’s section for Grandpa pants and cinch them with a corset belt.

c. Harnesses of all colors and metals. With everyone wanting to embrace their individuality I think this will be very on trend.

d. Animal prints are timeless, they never go away.

e. Electric Colors are still hot, and I am seeing it a lot – if you’re wondering if you should add some color to your wardrobe, the time is now!




We're looking forward to seeing those trends play out this year. What are your favorite "classic" fashion trends?

I love anything 80’s, but especially hip hop with vivid colors and crazy large shoulder pads. Also, I love a soft and hard look. Leather and lace. Dresses, harnesses and boots but in mixed prints or bold colors.


Yes, we love to see it! Do you have any exciting plans for the year? Tell our tribe what we can expect to see from you in 2022.

I was asked to join a House of Collectives this year called B3 (it stands for B3 You. B3 Confident. B3 Unstoppable) as the official stylist. We all live in the same city, and everyone has their own talent and some of us overlap a little. They are all kind, talented, and very supportive. We truly want to see everyone shine. We’ll do a range from photoshoots to events. We have a themed party in March, it’s a modern masquerade ball.


Congrats, Addy and thank you! We can't wait to continue watching you flourish!

Find Addy on Instagram @addy_ooh for style tips and entertaining Reels.