How to Style Animal Print.

How to Style Animal Print.
Feeling on the wild side? Be on the dangerous side with us as we'll be discussing how to style animal prints. Animal print can be quite challenging especially when styling an outfit but in this blog we'll give you some Haute fashion tips and tricks on how to pull off animal print with any outfit using some examples from our Animal Print Collection.
Check out our beautiful Leilani Samara Haltered Dress. This dress pictured below has blue and some orange with a mixture of different patterns. The best  way to highlight the dress is adding plain accessories. You can pair this with a white or orange tote with some gold sandals paired with some black and gold earrings like our Destinee Twine Earrings for a pool vibe. For a more dressed up look you can still highlight the dress by wearing some gold bracelet bangles with white or black shoes and an orange or white clutch.

So what if you're more of a simplistic person and still want to rock a print? Well you're in luck with our Nicole Snake Print Mini Dress. For a casual look you can pair with some simple earrings and some nude sandals. For a nicer, less casual look you can pair a cute black belt Like our Shakira Pearl Buckle Belt or like the photo below our Lyla Lion Face Belt. You can also add a simple gold bracelet  and a pair of nude or black heels to complete the look.  
Have a pair of animal print shoes but don't know how to style them? We will be using our beautiful House of Chapple Barbra Tiger Stilettos for example. These striking heels can go with nearly anything. The key secret is to have your shoes be the main highlight of your outfit. They can be paired with a little black dress [shown below] or live dangerously with bold colors such as yellow or neon pink. They can also be paired with any style of denim  with a cute graphic tee or tank.
Animal print can be challenging to style but we've hoped these tips have been helpful and inspire you to wear more animal print. If you are interested in looking at our animal print collection on our website feel free to check it out using this link Animal Print Collection
We hope these lovely helpful tips help you discover your wild side and you can read more about other pieces that go well with animal print to get your Haute summer look! Be sure to tag us @houseofhaute and show us your summer looks!