How to Style Colors for the Fall

How to Style Colors for the Fall

Fall is near and so is the 'Haute' fashion. Typically people will style their fall attire with simple colors such as brown or maroon, but today we'll be discussing how to turn your simple look into a spicy look with A/W 21/22 colors. It's time to step out that comfort zone and play with a little color within in your wardrobe. 

Preppy Red | Orange 

 It's okay to step outside the traditional fall colors, and go for something fun and vibrant but still in season. First things first is the Preppy Red and Orange. These two shades compliment each other harmoniously. Style your look with a red blazer and a orange wide-leg pant, or a statement top with a skirt. Play around with your pieces until you find the right look you're looking for. 



 Not ready for exploration in the color palette? That's okay too! Off-White will never go out of season. Have a party or a special occasion to prepare for? Be safe yet daring with Off-White, by wearing a monochromatic look, and of course add a special touch by adding a print or a splash of color in your shoes/accessories. Another look can be a an off-white pant and a violer top or blazer: you can also do a dark color on top of a light color ex. navy blue and off-white.


The Blues

 Don't catch blue feelings but catch the blues in your wardrobe. There are so many shades of blue, making it harder to choose which shade. Have you ever thought about layering the shades? Style the darkest shade on the outside, for example, a blazer or pant. Following, your top would be a shade lighter than the darkest shade but not too light. Your accessories can be either in the shades of the blues or be bold and add a different color like yellow, orange, or pink. 


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Sourced from WGSN