How to Style Bright Colors

How to Style Bright Colors
Summer, Summer, Summertime! Get ready Haute girls and guys for this summer and the hottest trends going around. In this blog, we’ll be discussing how to style bright colors within your wardrobe.  

Bright colors can be scary to try but can be fun at the same time. There are so many ways to style colors. When first starting out, start with colorful accessories, such as jewelry, shoes, or even handbags. The first styling tip is pairing bright colors with dark colors. You want to bring balance to your outfit. For example, wear a bright yellow top with a navy blue bottom; vice versa. Adding a dark color to a bright outfit not only brings balance but you’ll avoid dressing like a glow stick. Side note, wear bright colors that compliment your skin tone.  

When it comes to fashion, you can be as creative as you want to be and cover your body in gorgeous prints, colors, and patterns. Have you ever thought of pairing your bright colors with a splash of print? It’s best to pair your prints with a solid color; too many prints can be a little confusing. Pairing bright colors with print is the same as pairing color on color. 

Lastly, focus on the appeal of contrasts. The most stylish use of bright colors can be contrasted with dark colors, prints, or different textures. It’s summertime and you can look flawless with our Haute tips and be sure to check out the Daisy Off the Shoulder Floral Wrap Dress and the Daja Criss Cross Overlock Top for your Summer Look and pull off bright colors!

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