How To Spice Up Your Summer Dresses

How To Spice Up Your Summer Dresses

Elevate your summer dresses with these styling options for that extra "Ooomph!" this season. Our online store has several pieces you can add to your styling kit for the best hot girl summer.  

First up is our stunning  Charmaine Multi-Color Print Dress!  So with this style of dress your best friend is a wide belt. It will accentuate your waist and to show off your curves. Specifically for this dress a white or black belt will match the best. Add some jewelry, like our Joy Fringe Ring Earring with some gold bangles. You can wear this outfit with some cute sandals that match with your earrings or belt. For a fiercer look, swap out the sandals for some yellow or black heels and confidently strut in your summer Haute look!





Charmaine Multi-Color Print Dress | Joy Fringe Ring Earring 

Now, let's talk about the Ashton Maxi Dress. This subtle maxi dress is all about the ruffles. There are many ways you can style this dress. The versatility of this dress let's you wear it to the beach and when paired with green earrings like our Destinee Twine Earrings and a gold bracelet makes for a lovely date night outfit. To finish up this look all you need is some cute sandals and if you want a floppy sun hat.

             Ashton Maxi Dress   

Finally we have our Light Denim Jayden Halter Maxi Dress. Unlike our previous dresses this one is perfect for a day lounging by the pool. With this dress it's all about how you decide to tie the top but if you want to add a little extra spice by adding a wide belt in black or white, some earrings like our Ring of Pearls Earrings , and some matching sandals. For a more dressy look you can switch out the sandals for some black or nude heels.


Jayden Halter Maxi Dress 

Our team has also mentioned the summer fashion essentials every Haute girl (&guy) should have in their wardrobe. 

Now that you have these lovely helpful tips be sure to tag us @houseofhaute and show us how you where inspired.