What Your Sneakers Say About You

What Your Sneakers Say About You
They say you can tell a lot about a woman by her shoes - especially if she's a sneakerhead. Every blue moon, you can catch the Chief Hautie in a crisp pair of Air Force 1s and some of them are shown below for your viewing pleasure.

What if each pair from her collection had its own personality? Keep reading to see what your outfit and sneaker combo of choice says about you:

Mama Bear

PHOTO: Cafe Kicks

You're the friend who makes sure everyone is taken care of. Whether it's having snacks in your purse for your posse or lovingly tucking in the tag hanging out of your close girlfriend's shirt, you always come in clutch. You love shades of brown and neutral tones, but add a pop of color (mostly pastels) to an ensemble every now and then.

The Social Butterfly

PHOTO: Sneaker Squad


Your outfits never fail to turn heads and spark a slew of compliments from strangers. You're the friend that doesn't hesitate to introduce yourself and the entire group to your waiter during brunch. The type to enter a room solo and leave with a few new besties. You love vivid colors and maximalist fashion, but keep it neutral with your kicks.


The Chill One



 You breeze through life with a blasé, laid-back persona. At social gatherings, you're reserved and can possibly be found in the corner having a blast by your lonesome (and you prefer it that way.) You favor simple style choices and never miss an opportunity to wear black. Voted "Most Likely to Go Broke Buying White Air Forces."


The Artsy One

PHOTO: Sneaker Hello


The multi-faceted friend. Your vibe is carefree and you're well-versed in many areas. You know how to play a couple of instruments, love juice bars and make art for a living. You enjoy color coordinating your outfits and rock an occasional monochrome look for the aesthetic. Has the most visually appealing Instagram account in the crew.


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