How to Dress for Work: New Business Casual Trends & Tips

How to Dress for Work: New Business Casual Trends & Tips

We have all had some crazy work experiences this past year especially with our clothes. If you were lucky you might have been working from home in a nice top and maybe some leggings or sweatpants on virtual meetings or just a pair of some old comfy jeans if you wanted to be a little more dressier at home. Since some of us have started going back to offices or will be returning soon, here are a few tips and trends that we've seen on the rise. 

"Work clothes" have changed in the past year. We have gotten used to wearing comfy clothes in our own living spaces and they have made their way to offices. That is great! There are more comfy fabrics and designs being used for clothes in the workplace.

This new trend is all about being fashionable and comfortable pieces. For our first styling tip we are starting off with flowy bottoms like a midi skirt or a wide leg pant. If you don’t like flowy, a classic pair of slacks or even a pair of nice black skinny jeans are of course always a perfect staple.  



Bateema Faux Leather Pants             Gina High Rise Denim Jean

Next we will be looking at tops and prints. Knitted tops like a cute cardigan or for those colder days a sweater. Stripes and houndstooth prints are also fun go-tos. Plain colored blouses are also a must have especially  with neutral colors so you can pair them with different items for completely different outfits. 


   Vanessa Short Sleeve Knit Top                  Lilly Puffed & Ruched 


Suits for women are also super in. No need to go out and buy a whole suite though all you need to get this look is a blazer ( if you want it can be slightly oversized to give a less restrictive feel) with a blouse, or pretty/plain tank top  under it paired with some matching slacks and voila.

Erina Black Puff Sleeve Blazer 


Next up is shoes. Heels are always a good  go to especially in nude or black because they match with everything but sometimes heels can get a little tiring to wear. On those days flats or a solid colored nice sneaker.

If you feel like adding something a little extra try adding small amounts of animal print in accessories or with some shoes. Also have a statement piece in your closet for those just in case moments.

As always you can pair any of these with any business wear staple in your closet. If you need any inspo or ideas for staples the video below is a little older but the information is still good.

We hope these lovely helpful tips inspire you. Be sure to tag us @houseofhaute and show us your looks inspired by this article. House of Haute is an unique online boutique that will always go above and beyond to support our loyal babes!