How to Dress Comfortably & Fashionable

How to Dress Comfortably & Fashionable

Comfort is becoming the key trend when it comes to fashion, but the question is how do you make comfort look fashionable? Normally, when you think of comfort, you think of sweatpants and crocs. Not today honey! We have some useful tips for you when it’s time to step in style- comfortably.

So How Do You Spice Up Your Sweatpants Going Out?

Kathryn Oversized Cowl Neck

We all love walking around the house in our comfy sweats, binge-watching our favorite shows. But when it’s time to go out, but you don’t want to lose that comfort feeling. You can’t go wrong with pairing your sweats with a cute sweater and your favorite heels, along with a stylish belt. Take the Kathryn Oversized Cowl Neck for an example. People wouldn’t even tell that you’ve been home all day.

How Can You Make Comfort Look Sexy?

Erinelle Strappy Hoodie Set

Being comfortable is always a go-to, but how can we make it look sexy and daring? We all want to look sexy for ourselves, or our significant other. With the Erinelle Strappy Hoodie Set, the top gives off an “Haute” look, giving you that cinched waist. The straps on the hoodie also give an abstract detail, drawing all the attention towards you. 

How Can I Get Multiple Wears Out Of My Lounging Clothes?

Patina Harem Pant

Need to run a quick errand? Last-minute plans with friends/family? Let’s take comfort to the next level. With the Patina Harem Pant (comes in black and grey), you can either dress it up or down; giving a 2-in-1 look. These bold red pants would look stunning with a basic top and your favorite shoes that give off a bold statement. With these pants, you can make it look feminine or masculine whether it’s with heels or sneakers. Go from lounging at home to stepping out on the town scene with the new hottest look!


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