How to Dress For Your Body Shape Vol. 2

How to Dress For Your Body Shape Vol. 2

One of the best ways to embrace your body is to understand the essence of your frame. The body type theory features roughly 5 common shapes and suggests wardrobe essentials and styles for each type. Every body is beautiful in it's own unique way; be open to the idea that you may embody characteristics from more than one type. In Vol. 1, we discussed characteristics of a rectangle body shape. Up next, we will explore how to play up an "apple" shape.

Apple body types may have...
  • A round, wide shoulder line
  • An average or full bust
  • Fullness around the torso
  • Narrow hips

The apple can appear "top heavy" and with this shape, you may consider your bust and legs your best assets. These are the areas you want to accentuate.

Let's talk upper body! Balancing out an apple shape starts here.


  • Play up the shoulders. Add volume and structure to your silhouette with a padded shoulder top or cap sleeves.
  • Break up the chest. To accomplish your desired look, go for low and wide necklines. Avoid high necklines, which visually narrow your shoulders.
  • Leading lines. A-line or straight clothing lines help avoid bulk around the tummy, bust and waist.
  • Draped fits. Clingy fabric highlights the wide midriff, while loose fabric flatters the silhouette. Try garments like open cardigans.


You can also add curves and fullness to the lower body with...


  • Bright colors. Wearing bright tones on your lower body draws attention to your legs, instead of the midsection.
  • More volume! Flowy, wide leg pants add volume to slim legs.

Haute Tip: Many wide leg pants feature a high-waist design. Opt for low to mid-rise bottoms with this trend, if you're apple-shaped.

  • Straight lines. Clean lines on pants, jeans and skirts, which gently skim away from your body, help fill out your hips. Tiered or ruffled bottoms may bulk the tummy area.


As people, we're often taught that loving our bodies is vain. We do ourselves a disservice when we look at ourselves through a lens of unacceptance. With this series, we want everyone to unlearn the shame surrounding body positivity and step into your gorgeous power. Remember: You're beautifully made!

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