Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 2: Self-Love

Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 2: Self-Love

We left you with a little nugget on self-love in Vol. 1 of our Holiday Gift Guide series. In this edition, allow us to dive into some ultra comfy loungewear and goodies that will set you up for relaxing self-care days this season.

Self-love starts with relaxation and comfort. Wouldn't it be great if you could gift those things to your family? Look no further than our Silk Collection for luxury body care for everyone. (Yes, these products are even gentle enough for the kiddos!)

In light of luxe body care, there's also a 2-for-1 special just for your partner: beard and body wash in Lavish Nights. This fragrance is especially captivating - featuring notes of oakmoss, bergamot and subtle pineapple.

For the comfy chics in your life, choose from loungewear essentials like LaShay (left) and Kathryn (right). These styles emphasize soft, comforting fabrics, like satin and ribbed knits, to slay around the house or when you're running errands.

Why not a gift for the place that keeps you warm at night? Diffuser scents are the perfect stocking stuffers! Opulent Mornings is sure to start your day off right with aromas of fresh linens and flower blossoms. Your home (and its guests) will thank you!


Need more gift ideas? There's more where that came from! Keep an eye out for Vol. 3 of @houseofhaute's Holiday Gift Guides.