Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Trends

Fall/Winter 2023 Fashion Trends

It's that time again, girls and guys! As we shop for the upcoming season, there will be new and possibly familiar trends coming into play. From a skyrocket in metallics sparked by Queen Bey to scarf dressing, coined by British Vogue, here are a few of many crazes we've noticed on the horizon of fall/winter:


It's not the diamonds... it's not the pearls... but the sequins, metallics and sparkles that we'll continue to see on retail store racks for years to come.

According to UPROXX and several other pop culture media outlets, Beyoncé's recent birthday request for Renaissance concert goers to wear silver during Virgo season increased some Etsy shops' silver outfit sales by 200%.

The best part of the rise of silver and gold apparel is the spectrum. Meaning, you can go extra or minimal. Whether you're wearing full monochrome metallics or simply accenting with a bag, shoes or statement jewelry, there's no right or wrong way to pull it off.


Denim is one fashion trend that finds itself in the mix practically every season—perhaps, making it a staple rather than a "trend." The most interesting thing, though, is how this must-have evolves from year to year.

During a recent shopping trip, I popped into a few stores, like Zara, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, who had displays dedicated to the fabric. As we mentioned before, denim is ever-evolving. This time, we spotted patchwork, two-toned denim, lots of wide-legged silhouettes—which is a breath of fresh air after the skinny jean era—and even skirt-layered jeans. Interesting, to say the least!


What is an evening bag, you ask? By definition, it's "a small handbag made of rich fabric or beaded, ornamented, etc., and carried by women on formal or dressy occasions, usually in the evening." In a since expired Instagram story from fashion influencer, Melissa's Wardrobe, she describes the essential as a necessity for date nights, black-tie events and fancy dinners.

This season, expand your day-to-night accessory palette by switching your Neverfull for a dainty clutch. If you're not sure where to start, Harper's BAZAAR has a perfectly curated list of 27 of the best evening bags for your next night out.


You may already know and love the leather and shearling (wool or fleece) combo that adorns winter coats at the end of every year. They're warm, they're retro and flat out cool. The style symbolizes edgy, biker girl vibes and can be described as a bonafide classic.

In addition to the fabric's appearance on coats and jackets, we're likely to see shearling and its cost-efficient counterpart, sherpa, on shoes and bags, too, making this trend easy to achieve whether you're shopping on the high or low end.


The good news is, you won't have to worry about being left in the cold this fall/winter. Scarf dressing, which also includes shrugs and heavy shawls, is the latest fad to hit the fashion scene. The trend has even gone as far as layering actual blankets over your looks.

WhoWhatWear explains that the idea is to "feel comfortable 24/7 without looking like it," and while it may seem outrageous, the aesthetic looks incredibly chic. As if the trend isn't already next level, stylists have taken it up a notch by accessorizing the extravagant scarves with brooches.

We love to see it!

What do you think of these fall/winter fashion trends? Have you noticed any upcoming trends that we didn't mention here? Let us know by sending a message or comment @houseofhaute on socials.