Fall Knitwear Trends You Need to Know

Fall Knitwear Trends You Need to Know
No matter where you reside, a unifying end-of-year fashion trend is knitwear. Not only are cold-weather weaves ultra comfortable, they have proven to be timeless. From jacquard stitching to chunky cable knits, these 5 trends are predicted to take over fall 2021.


Using chunky, oversized knits has taken sweater weather to a whole new level. It's the best season to experiment with heavier textures for warmth. Be sure to layer lightweight pieces to avoid bulkiness with this trend.



Dark neutrals and orange-based tones are typical to fall and winter. This year, brighter hues like mustard yellow are stepping to the forefront. Bold colors like these are perfect to brighten up an otherwise dim color palette.




Color blocking is a trend that's always fun and exciting! It reduces the need to create a color palette. Just choose two base colors that are complimentary, like gold and light blue, and build your outfit around those tones.


The reoccurring theme of patterns in knitwear seems to go hand-in-hand with color blocking. Lively patterns, like leopard print, compliment solid tones and add depth to your outfit. You may also spot mixed-stitch patterns (think ribbed knit and cable knit) on the racks this season.

Pictured: Yvonne Multi-Print Knit Sweater, Bonnie Leopard Print Knit Sweater



Revealing styles may not be a first choice for cold weather, but knit skirts may change your mind. We've watched tube-like silhouettes rise to popularity in women's clothing. In combination with cozy knit fabric, these styles become must-have items.

Pictured: Bonnie Leopard Print Knit Skirt, Simone Knit Pencil Skirt