Back to the Basics: Closet Essentials & Style Tips

Back to the Basics: Closet Essentials & Style Tips

In a world of fast fashion and trends that go as quick as they come, we're starting to see practical style options make a strong comeback. Tons of today's clothing hauls feature foundation pieces and styles that can be worn interchangeably, so let's get back to the basics!



White tops are the number one classic style. Pair them with a good pair of jeans, bold-colored high heels, and you're ready to go! But basics don't have to be boring. Add a touch of pizzazz to your simplicity. Try going with a white top that has unique detailing - like the Jasmine Ruched Tank Top from our Body Basics Collection.



A good style practice is buying basics in multiples, but be cautious with this tip to avoid a "uniform" wardrobe. When you find an item that fits well and is good quality, consider buying the same piece in one other color. (Our Loose Fit Tank comes in four!) This way, you have options that you know for sure look great on you.


 Pictured (Right): LaDonna Cropped Tank Top, Patina Harem Pants


Black and grey are also great colors to keep handy when it comes to basic tops and bottoms. Not only do they pair well with other neutrals, they are great for adding balance to busy prints or bold colors.

For example, the Hillary Padded Shoulder Long Sleeve Top and Ari Liquid Leggings (shown above) are styled with a houndstooth fuzzy cardigan. Since both items are black, it's a stylish demonstration of a simple base to balance out striking prints.



Many style enthusiasts believe that basics must be neutral, but that's not totally true! Reframe your thinking and keep in mind that basics are just that: a base that helps set the tone for an outfit. In other words, primary pieces are what you make them. Take the Roxanne Body Basics Dress that comes in hunter green, for instance. Paired with a dark or black denim jacket, the end result is a well-balanced outfit.


When it comes to making your wardrobe more functional for you, a little goes a long way. Show us how you style your basics! Tag us @houseofhaute.