Airport to Vacay: End-of-Summer Essentials

Airport to Vacay: End-of-Summer Essentials

Ahh, the airport. A place where most don't mind being a little stressed because they're eager to reach their final destination. Despite that, we want to be comfortable in the process. And what says comfortable more than an outfit you can throw on and still look put together?

A matching set is a great place to start for an airport outfit. If you typically go for simplicity, then you’re a Hautie who should go for the Monet Linen Top & Short Set. With Monet, (even if you're not a simple girl) you could easily add a pop of color with your shoes.


Our Laticia Zebra Print Top & Pants Collection is another perfect option for looking good while lounging at the gate to your landing place. Laticia's zebra print design is playful yet subtle. Imagine finally being off the plane - perhaps a bit jet-lagged, but ready to explore. With this set, there's no need to change because you're still looking cute!


Now vacay time is on, and it’s time to show up and show out! The vibrant print on our Teagan Multi-Color Top & Short Set, is the statement piece for your end-of-summer vacay. "Teagan" is a multi-occasion set that's on part to explore the city or wear as a cover up for the beach.


Last, but not least our all new Aubrey Crisscross Back Dress is a sexy and sultry midi to wear when topping your night off with a hot date by the water.

Do you have any trips planned to end your summer? Tag us @houseofhaute to tell us where you're traveling and show off the looks in your vacay bag!