6 Friendsgiving Gifts Your Squad Will Love

6 Friendsgiving Gifts Your Squad Will Love

During Thanksgiving, the occasion is centered around quality time with loved ones and a delicious feast. In addition, many people enjoy an equally joyous celebration where we share gifts and create new traditions with our crew. Here are 6 thoughtful Friendsgiving gifts to set the festive atmosphere and show appreciation:


1. Silk Collection Self-Care Bundle


Premium body wash, silky lux body butter and a mood-setting candle: the ultimate self-care bundle. For the friend who loves to kick back and relax.


2. The Best Natural Hair Detangler Brush


Maybe your posse is au naturel. This octo-style brush is designed to protect you and your friends' crowns. (Ideal for 3B - 4C hair textures.)


3. Versatile Sweater Scarf


Not all heros wear capes - the stylish ones wear sweater scarves. Gift this item to a loved one who may need saving from chilly temperatures at the office.



4. Destinee Twine Earrings


Available in three colors, these earrings are perfect for each personality in your crew! Green for the bold and outgoing, and neutral choices like black or beige for the minimal friend.


5. Vegan Leather Belt


Friends don't let friends wear boring accessories. Make your Friendsgiving gift stand out with Lyla - a statement belt with a lion face gold accent.


6. Gift Card

Still short on gift ideas? Give the gift of choice with our e-Gift Cards valued from $10 to $100. Once activated, there will be tons of stylish items at your squad's fingertips!